A secure and efficient way to manage Healthcares


Solution Overview

Health is the first priority to every individual. In order to keep them safe & secure, I-Maxx Computers offers CCTV Security Surveillance & to manage office staffs Biometric Time & Attendance systems is mandatory.

Time Attendance & Access Control Systems

Biometric Time Attendance System
Biometric Time & Attendance
Access Control
Access Control

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

CCTV camera
Security Systems

CCTV at Reception, Lobby, Premises, Floors, Canteen, Library, Staff Room, Cash Counters, Security & Main Gates are monitored through Surveillance Cameras to patients & staff members from unwanted problems or haressments.

Office & Chambers

Technology helps doctors to treat patients easy


Intercom & EPABX System makes communication easier.

Desktop Computers & Laptops at Chambers for Doctors, Staff Computers at Office & Cash Counters.


Conference Rooms

Interactive Board
Smart Interactive Board
Public Announcement System
Public Announcement System
Video Conferencing System
Video Conferencing System

Access Points & Money Counters


Solutions for Server Room

Server Computers
NAS (Network Attached Storage)
Server Racks
Network Firewall

Intercom, EPABX & IP-PBX System

EPABX System

Intercom & EPABX systems for communication is very effective way for smooth process. IP-PBX systems are also installed by Team I-Maxx with high Technical Skilled Engineers.

Networking Solutions

In this Digital Age, Networking plays the most important role & Team I-Maxx is best in this concept. A wide range of Networking Solutions are deployed in many sectors for instant & fast communication process.


Walkie Talkie


Stay connected effortlessly and maintain seamless communication with I-Maxx Computers’ advanced range of walkie talkie solutions. Whether you’re overseeing a large-scale event, managing a construction site, coordinating a security team, or seeking reliable communication for outdoor adventures, our walkie talkies offer the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and cutting-edge technology.

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