Rules & Regulations for Joining Team I-Maxx

  1. Office Timing 10AM to 7PM with Weekly-Off on Sundays & Holidays.
  1. Working Hours from 10AM to 7PM at site with Weekly-Off on Sundays & Holidays.
  1. Welcome Kit amounting Rs. 1500/- (which includes Company Shirt / T-Shirt, I-Card, etc.) will be provided by Company which is free of cost. If the working tenure is less than 6 months, the payment of kit will be deducted from Salary.
  1. Company assets such as Bike, Laptop, Tools, Field Stocks, etc. shall be kept in good condition. For any kind of damage / loss in these items, the employee is responsible for deduction of salary or payment to company for repair / re-purchase.
  1. An employee shall inform prior 3 days before taking a leave. After approval the leave will be accepted. In case of sickness, doctor’s prescription shall be submitted. Repeated absentees for sickness will not accepted in Team.
  1. In case an employee is absent for 7 or more days in a month, he/she will be paid on basis of per day count of the actual salary.
  1. If an employee if absent before or after Weekly-Off / Holiday(s), the Weekly-Off / Holiday(s) will be treated as absent.
  1. For resignation a Notice Period of 30 days is mandatory. Defaulter of submission of resignation, shall not claim any Salary pending from the Company. The employee will have to hand over all the assets of Company or its Clients to the Manager.
  1. An employee shall work minimum 15 days from joining in order to expect Salary from Company which may be maximum to Transportation cost. Below 15 days, company will not pay any charges, company may also claim training fees of any amount.
  1. Monthly Salary is paid on 10th of every next month or next Saturday. Incentives is paid along with Salary on next month after clearance of Full payment from the customer.
  1. Expenses for official transportation shall be incurred by the employee which is reimbursed at the Weekend. For reimbursement the receipt of expenses shall be submitted to the Manager. Presenting faulty receipt will not be accepted.
  1. Yearly bonus will be provided to staffs after 6 months from joining date.